Construction Services

The MonGroup team engages in identifying and analyzing investment opportunities. We look for opportunities to enrich and improve communities by transforming empty lots, abandoned buildings or run-down homes into desirable properties that provide housing and work to the trades. We engage in acquisition and entitlement from the ground up and we manage and execute every aspect of building these communities.

General Contracting

As a builder with more than 30 years of experience, MonGroup knows what goes into planning a project from start to finish.

Our project management team focuses on every detail of every project – no matter how small or large. From defining the scope and budget of the project, to creating the design concept, formalizing the blueprints, developing a realistic timeline and building the project.

Our team works to minimize waste and keep costs down. We are well-versed in green building, as well as maximizing a project’s energy efficiency and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Sub-Contractors and Suppliers

MonGroup Properties is always looking for sub-contractors and suppliers that share our values. We are especially interested in green building materials and welcome the opportunity to learn about your innovative products.

Work With Us

We invite you to bid on our projects. Please provide us with the following information and we will contact you. MonGroup is an equal opportunity developer and general contractor that likes buy local, whenever possible.

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